• ISO Marketing. The forgotten gem in your marketing mix?

    Marketing your ISO Certification can have a powerful effect on your customers and on your staff. It instantly conveys the message that you are serious about the quality of your products or services. For a current or potential customer, your ISO registration instantly inspires confidence about doing business with you. It reassures them, without their […]

  • ISO Marketing – The Audience You May Have Overlooked…

    There’s no question that ISO certification can bring major benefits to companies that achieve it. Ranging from improved efficiency to greater customer satisfaction to lower costs of production, these benefits are often the primary reason that companies undertake the challenges associated with quality management systems. Once a company is registered, the next logical step is […]

  • U.S. Patriotic Season

    Patriotic Season

    Soon, we Americans will launch our annual celebration of the United States and her history. From Memorial Day to July 4th, we’ll remember those who gave their lives for this nation, take well-deserved vacations, attend innumerable barbecues, and finally, in an explosion of color and sound, celebrate our 237th birthday. But none of this would […]