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10 Ways to Promote your ISO Registration


1. Augment your corporate image by adding ISO logos to your letterhead, stationary and materials promoting your registration.

2. Inform your customers and prospects of your ISO registration via direct mail or email campaign.

3. Display your ISO certificate in your offices and lobby. Upon request your registrar can provide you with multiple copies.

4. Create a press release regarding your ISO registration achievement. Distribute it online for greater visibility, including a link back to your website.

5. Promote your ISO registration in all company communications such as your email signature and stationary.

6. Promote your ISO registration in your regular newsletter, online ads and marketing materials.

7. Publish an article about how your ISO registration is expected to benefit your organization. Later prepare a case study about how the registration has in turn benefited your organization or helped grow your customer base.

8. Hang a banner inside your building or fly an ISO flag.

9. Use wave banners at plant or facility entrances and/or add vehicle decals on company fleet vehicles.

10. Train your sales people how to leverage the organizations ISO registration to more competitively win new business.

Standard Flags offers a full range of promotion tools to assist you along the way. We’re here to make it easy. Shop the full line of Standard Flag products and start promoting your ISO Registration today.

Follow these 10 Ways to Promote your ISO Registration and see how ISO Standards can truly benefit your business.

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