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6 Reasons to Market your ISO Certification

6 Reasons to Market your ISO Certification

Many companies go through the grueling process to earn their ISO registration but then fail to take full advantage of their achievement with further marketing. Here are 6 reasons to Market your ISO Certification.

  1. Get “in the door” with companies that require their vendors to be ISO registered
  2. Stand out from your competition, even with customers that don’t require ISO registration
  3. Keep your commitment to quality “top of mind” with your employees
  4. Remind your vendors of your commitment to quality
  5. Attract talent that shares your commitment to quality
  6. Create goodwill among customers and the general public

If you’ve gone to the trouble to get registered, why not make the most of it? Reminders of your certification can be tastefully added to all of your company marketing and PR tools. In addition you can display banners, signs and flags throughout your facilities. To learn more about marketing your registration, see our 5 Tips to Safe ISO Marketing or, browse our selection of ISO logosbanners and flags.

You worked hard to get achieve registration. Now profit from it.


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