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AS9100:2016 Flags and Banners

New Releases – AS9100:2016 Flags and Banners

Standard Flags is proud to announce the release of our new AS9100:2016 flags and banners. These high quality marketing tools continue to build on a history of clean, clear design and recognizable symbols for publicizing a company’s quality certification. The new designs will clearly and recognizably communicate your AS9100:2016 certification to both clients and employees. […]

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ISO 27001 Could Become Bigger Than ISO 9000. Here’s Why…

Maybe you haven’t heard much about ISO 27001. But soon, you will. ISO 27001 is the International Standards Organization’s standard that, along with its related standards – 27002 and 27003, deals with Information Security Management Systems (ISMSs). These days, it seems we get almost daily reminders of how vulnerable data and information are to being […]

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ISO 9001:2015 Standard Update Is Coming…

The draft of the new ISO 9001:2015 is now available for purchase online from at a charge of 58 Swiss Francs (approximately $65). It represents the first update to the standard since 2008, but is actually a major overhaul that is designed to take into account technological advancements as well as the ISO’s increased […]

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ISO Marketing – The Audience You May Have Overlooked…

  There’s no question that ISO certification can bring major benefits to companies that achieve it. Ranging from improved efficiency to greater customer satisfaction to lower costs of production, these benefits are often the primary reason that companies undertake the challenges associated with quality management systems. Once a company is registered, the next logical step […]

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Patriotic Season

U.S. Patriotic Season

Soon, we Americans will launch our annual celebration of the United States and her history. From Memorial Day to July 4th, we’ll remember those who gave their lives for this nation, take well-deserved vacations, attend innumerable barbecues, and finally, in an explosion of color and sound, celebrate our 237th birthday. But none of this would […]

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Source: The ISO Survey
of Management System Standard
Certifications – 2011,

Is ISO Registration Still Relevant?

Achieving and maintaining ISO registration isn’t easy or cheap. So it’s only natural that companies might occasionally wonder whether it continues to be relevant, or more to the point, a justifiable expense. In this article, we’ll argue that, while interest in ISO certification does not appear to be growing, it has mostly remained consistent over […]

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ISO 22000_2005

ISO Standards and Food Safety

Today more then ever we as consumers are becoming more conscious of where our food comes from. How does ISO Standards and food safety relate? There are many stops along the way for the journey from farm to our tables. Food products regularly cross national boundaries and ISO’s International Standards create the confidence in our […]

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