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ISO Marketing. The forgotten gem in your marketing mix?

Marketing your ISO Certification can have a powerful effect on your customers and on your staff. It instantly conveys the message that you are serious about the quality of your products or services.

For a current or potential customer, your ISO registration instantly inspires confidence about doing business with you. It reassures them, without their having to independently do the research, that your company has quality management systems in place.
It’s very closely related to the concept of branding. Branding says that when you make an important purchase, particularly of a product or service you haven’t purchased before, you’ll tend to gravitate toward brands you recognize.

For most large companies, effective and continual branding is a given. But for small to medium sized companies, an ongoing branding effort may be prohibitively expensive. Marketing your ISO registration effectively offers a branding shortcut, and at a much lower cost than the typical branding process.

When you make your ISO certification apparent to potential customers, you instantly leapfrog an expensive branding effort. After all, the branding has already been done for you – via the recognition of ISO certification as an indication of quality throughout the world.

By effectively promoting the fact that you are ISO certified and registered, you get to ride on the coattails of this well-recognized quality indicator and reap the benefits.

To effectively promote your ISO registration, you might:

  • Add relevant logos to building signage
  • Display ISO registration banners on your building, on your shop floor, or in your reception area
  • Add relevant ISO logos to your website, your email signatures and company profile pages on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Display retractable banners in your reception area or in your trade show booth
  • Display an ISO flag or corporate logo flag with ISO logos added
  • Display ISO decals on company vehicles and plant signage
  • Add relevant logos to your print communications such as letterhead, envelopes, print ads and business cards.

And the really good news is that ISO marketing materials are very affordable when compared to other types of marketing. offers the largest selection of ISO marketing tools you’ll find anywhere. And if there’s something unique that you want we’ll be glad to make it for you.
We offer ISO banners, ISO flags, ISO logos for emails websites and print ads, retractable ISO banners for trade shows, and custom flags with your company logo – ISO logos added at no additional charge.

Your staff has worked hard to earn and maintain ISO registration. Now profit from it through effective marketing.

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