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ISO Marketing – The Audience You May Have Overlooked…


There’s no question that ISO certification can bring major benefits to companies that achieve it. Ranging from improved efficiency to greater customer satisfaction to lower costs of production, these benefits are often the primary reason that companies undertake the challenges associated with quality management systems.

Once a company is registered, the next logical step is to find ways to leverage the achievement. In most cases, companies publicize their ISO registration with flags, banners, and logos. The typical target audience for such marketing is… the customer. But is there an overlooked audience that should be included when crafting an ISO marketing strategy? We think there is.

Getting ISO certified takes time and effort, to be sure. And if your company is already ISO certified, it’s a safe bet there are people in your organization who have devoted a great deal of time and effort to that certification. There are, perhaps, even more who are tasked with following the guidelines of your quality management system on a daily basis.  As human beings, these employees have the same needs we all have – 1) to be a part of something that matters, and 2) ongoing motivation to stay committed to the program and 3) regular reminders that the company itself is committed to the program, which is a guarantee that their efforts are not being wasted.

As such, those in your organization who are responsible for implementing and executing your quality management system should be included in your marketing strategy. After all your success or failure in this area depends entirely on their efforts.

That means publicizing your registration not only in customer-facing spaces, but also in spaces where employees are most likely to see them. Break rooms, shop floors and conference rooms are immediate and obvious places. Company forms, intranets, uniforms and even printed employee manuals are also important opportunities to reach employees. And don’t forget, marketing your registration internally works much like other marketing – repetition is key. So just putting up a poster in the break room isn’t really going to have much impact. Better to make sure your team sees your message in varied locations, using a variety of tools.

In summary, conspicuous display of your ISO registration coupled with messaging that recognizes the contributions of the members of your staff (a good example of which can be found here) can give everyone in your company a sense of being part of something important. It can also give them the motivation and reassurance that they need to stay committed. And that can have an extremely positive impact on your bottom line.


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