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Publicizing Your ISO Registration

You’ve probably spent a good deal of time and money achieving ISO Certification. Now that you have, you’re ready to make the most of it. But publicizing your ISO registration can be tricky. Below we’ll provide some guidelines which can help you avoid pitfalls and keep you out of trouble with the ISO.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

You cannot  use the ISO’s logo or any similar artwork to publicize your ISO registration. This applies to all elements of the logo, including the letters “ISO”. (However you can use the logos and marketing tools from We have worked with the ISO to insure that our products do not violate these guidelines.)

  1. Do not use the ISO’s logo (as stated above). The International Standards Organization will take legal steps to protect their trademarks and logos from unauthorized use.
  2. Do not imply that the ISO has certified your company. The International Standards Organization publishes the ISO standards but does not perform certifications. To state or imply that the ISO has certified your company is false and misleading.
  3. Remember that certification applies to your company and NOT your products. You must be careful to avoid any representation that your products are certified.
  4. You should be as specific as possible when referring to your specific certification. That means you should refer to “ISO 9001:2008”, not just “ISO 9000”.
  5. The certification year i.e. “2008” refers to the year of the standard update to which your company has achieved certification. For many certifications that may be some years in the past.
  6.  The terms “Registered” and “Certified” are synonymous when used in this context. You can use whichever term you prefer. Though many prefer the term “Certified”.

With these basic concepts in mind, you can safely publicize your certification and maximize the marketing benefit of all the hard work you have put into becoming certified.

Media on which you can promote your ISO Certification

There are a variety of ways that you can promote your ISO Certification:

  • On your website
  • On your letterhead and business cards
  • On your fleet vehicles
  • On your company signage
  • On doors at the entrance to your offices
  • On flag poles with flags
  • On parking lot light poles with avenue banners
  • On the side of your building, or on fences with banners
  • In grassy areas of your facility with wave banners offers a variety of products to help you effectively and safely publicize your certification. If you would like to see a product type added, please feel free to contact us.


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